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Crypto Art, NFT and Philately

Some recent works by Carlo Alberto Perillo become NFT (Non Fungible Token) available on Rarible, OpenSea and soon on Super Rare. There you can buy them using Ethereum cryptocurrency simply by signing up, starting to collect and invest in an innovative way. You will see the paintings "come out of the canvas" and literally come to life.

In this context starts the collaboration with his friend Giuseppe Lubrano, RGstamps & collectibles associate, with the idea of ​​bringing Carlo Alberto's art to the world of stamps, literally merging the paintings with the splendid serrated frames that in a now too distant past have inspired unique artists such as Corrado Mezzana. The fusion of the two parallel universes comes to life in a poetic and revolutionary way both as a physical work and as an NFT, embedding itself in the blockchain becoming something unique and unrepeatable. Animation and sound complete the visual experience, helping us to grasp the messages that the author communicates, always current and significant, forcing us to reflect without taking our eyes off the present.


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FAME 2021 acrilico e smalti su tela senza telaio, pannello smart 1cm - 120 x 80

INTIMITA' 2021 acrilico e resina su tela - 80x66 cm

NASCITA 2020 acrilico e smalti su pvc telato - 80×60 cm



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L'arte è una figata pazzesca 😍
"Chiudi il tuo occhio fisico, al fine di vedere il tuo quadro con l’occhio dello spirito. Poi dai alla luce ciò che hai visto durante la notte, affinché la tua visione agisca su altri esseri dall’esterno verso l’interno"
Caspar David Friedrich
...... Finito, grazie a chi ha condiviso e messo il like a questa opera per il titolo aspetto.... Grazie per i suggerimenti.
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